Our Vision for Discovery Bible Study

Our vision for Discovery Bible Studies is to gather groups of friends and families to study the bible together, realize God’s redemptive plan, and challenge each other to obey and share what they learn.  This simple methodology allows for discipleship to conversion and empowers groups to become their own house church and to grow and reproduce on their own.

What is Discovery Bible Study?

The Discovery Bible Study method allows individuals to discover truths from the bible themselves, rather than being taught by a leader.  It is a simple and reproducible way to study the bible that enables anyone to learn from the bible regardless of how much or how little knowledge they have. In a typical Discovery Bible Study, the group will read a selected passage from the bible and answer the following questions:

  • If this story is from God, what does it teach us about his Character? Who is God according to this story?
  • If this story is from God, what does it teach us about humanity? Who are we as humans? What is our character or nature?
  • If this story is from God, what might He want you to do as an application?
  • If this story is from God, is there something we should do together to obey this message from the Lord?
  • Who can you share this story with?

Additional resources for Discovery Bible Study can be found here.

Why use the Discovery Bible Study method?

The Discovery Bible Study model is a simple way to study the bible with non-believers. Individuals are encouraged and challenged to obey what they learn and share the information with others, even before they have committed their lives to Christ. In this method, discipleship and evangelism are happening prior to conversion.


The Discovery Bible Study model is simple enough for anyone to lead, which enables new believers to start studying the bible with their peers and families. We have seen many people come to faith in Christ as they read God’s Word, many for the first time, and see for themselves the mercy of God as revealed through Jesus.

Interested in starting a DBS? Here are some resources to help get you started:

More questions? Email thebridgenyc.admin@gmail.com for more info.