Let the Nations Be Glad

As part of his characteristic God-entranced view of all things, Piper roots mission in worship, prayer, and suffering. As he does so, he draws heavily not only on the Scriptures, but also on men and women down the ages who have obeyed the call of God to make the nations glad with the good news of the Saviour.

Missionary Methods

When Missionary Methods first appeared in 1912, it made a startling impression, challenging paternalistic Western missionary practice. It has remained in constant demand ever since. Profoundly biblical, Allen’s “methods” are drawn from a scrupulous examination of Paul the apostle’s own principles for missionary work. He argues that these apostolic principles – founded on an unwavering belief in the Holy Spirit indwelling new believers and churches – are as relevant today as they were in the formative years of the church.

The Spontaneous Expansion of the Church

If it were once believed that the freedom of churches should be restricted to bring greater control to missions, Roland Allen sets out to overturn this conception. Warning against the danger of imposing greater limits on churches, the Author advocates that all members of the church, ‘natives’ and foreigners alike, must take an active role in its establishment and daily life.