Stealing in Church

Here at the Bridge Network, we practice House Church. And House Church necessitates EVERYONE participate. Church is not a service that is observed, but a gathering where we give and minister to each other. I was recently convicted because I had been acting as a receiver during church—not a giver. During the week, I started to neglect praying for my brothers and sisters. I neglected to ask God how I could serve them and build them up. I started to keep my spiritual gifts to myself and not give them to Christ’s children. In this . . . Read More »

House Church: My Experience

Being involved in house church has been a very new experience for me this year. Personally, while I really appreciate a lot of the strengths of my sending churches back home (I moved to NYC to do full-time ministry), it’s been an awesome season of being fully invested in this small, more intimate church community. In the Bronx, the house church I am a part of has 12 adults and 3 children. Our weekly meetings usually run about 3 hours long, including fellowship, prayer and learning from the Word. My church has also chosen to have a . . . Read More »

This is Church!?!

  “Where are the lights? The stage? Why aren’t we sitting in rows? How am I supposed to sing without the band? This is church!?!” Let me share a quick story about my experience of house church that I will cherish forever. Typically in our house church gatherings, we eat, talk, laugh, then devote some time to worship, the word, and prayer. In our meetings, the kids join us the whole time. Some groups do it differently, depending on the children’s age and other factors. But in our gatherings, the kiddos are involved from start to finish. . . . Read More »

Network Gathering–Sunday, Sept 20th

Network Gathering: Sunday, September 20th Please join us as we gather and worship together in the park! When: Sunday, September 20th at 10:30am Where:The Great Hill, Central Park What to bring: Yourself, your Bible, blanket/chair, and a packed lunch to enjoy after service (if you’d like to stay and mingle). What we’ll provide: Bagels and Coffee!

Bathtub Baptism

Huddling in the narrow hallway of a NYC apartment, I stood on my tiptoes to see into the bathroom at the end of the hall. A group of people stood in front of me, all smiling and all straining to get a good view. Just beyond them, sitting in the tub, was Zhen*, a Chinese national that had just come to faith. Beside her on the floor, her Bible study leader, Carol*. Small tears slipped down Carol’s face as she spoke with Zhen right before she baptized her. After Zhen professed her faith and Carol . . . Read More »

What is Simple Church?

How would you describe your church? Large? Small? Modern? Traditional? In the United States and all over the world, faithful, Bible-based churches are following God in different ways. From liturgical services to guitar-led worship gatherings, God is being glorified in these communities. One type of church is called “simple church,” or “house church.” The idea of simple church originates in the New Testament. Rather than primarily meeting in formal religious building, many believers met in homes. Paul sends greetings to many house churches, including Priscilla and Aquila’s gathering (Romans 16:5) and gatherings in Laodicea and . . . Read More »

House Church Conference Call

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Are you interested in learning about and discussing the values of the simple/house church paradigm?  Please join us on Tuesday, Sept 30th from 9pm-10pm (EST).  Kevin King, Director of NYC International Project, will give a brief introduction to simple/house church methodology, followed by a Q&A session. Please RSVP if you are interested in attending this conference call so that we can send you information about joining our online meeting. Email:  Thank you!

July News

Hello Bridge Network! Here are some announcements for the summer: Harlem 123 and Harlem 135 will be meeting together this summer on 123rd st.  Stay tuned for news about new house churches forming in Queens this Fall. Keep an eye out for the date of our next Network Gathering. If you’re not on the Bridge Network email list and would like to be, please go to the Contact Us page and send us an email. Stay cool. Be safe. Happy 4th of July. And remember…Engage! 🙂