“What has been your experience with house church?”

DSC06694 “Everyone talks with you, you pray together. And everyone is familiar with each other… In a big church, you are like a new stranger every time.”

House Church is “a IMG_7632community where I don’t have to ‘conform to any preconceived idea about how I should be’; a community that I don’t have to hide from and [where] I’m invited to be known…”

“It’s rare to have a common Equip 2015 (6)place where you and your children can experience authentic biblical community. Our house church is our extended family.”


hair“In house church, I realized the accountability I never knew I was missing. Despite my best intentions, it was easy for sermon to slip through my fingers without having a real impact on my life. Each week in house church, I have the opportunity to ask for help and prayer in my struggles, to consider how I can share my faith this week, and reflect on what He is doing in my life.”