Reaching Out Through Discovery Bible Study

DSC_0016Members of the Bridge Network are actively involved in ministry throughout NYC. One of the ways we minister is by facilitating Discovery Bible Studies with international students who come to New York to study. Read below to learn more about what these studies looked like this past school year.

Imagine that you are facilitating a Bible study. You’re sitting at a table with a group, Bibles open, reading Genesis 3—the Fall of Man. Most of you can imagine the scene so far. Now picture the participants. They aren’t American and they aren’t church-goers. They’re students from other parts of the world—China, Japan, India, etc. Some of the students have heard Bible stories before, others haven’t. Some have never even held a Bible before the study began a week before.

The study continues primarily in the heart-language of the participants, with non-believers making observations from the story they’re reading. People from the group express what they see God doing and how they see humans interacting with Him. Before the study ends, participants decide what they can do to obey God that week and who they will tell the Bible story to.

This is the reality of our ministry right now! It’s an exciting prospect—over 100 non-believers, not only studying the Bible, but obeying God’s word and sharing those same Bible stories with friends and family (here in New York and overseas, via phone or Skype conversations). The good news is spreading rapidly. Praise God that we get to be a part of what He’s doing!

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