We believe the New Testament teaches that worship is something we do all the time, through at least five different modalities, of which singing is only one. Others specifically mentioned in the New Testament (using worship terminology) are:

  • Financial giving (Heb. 13:16; Phil. 4:18)
  • Evangelism (Rom. 15:15,16)
  • Works of service (Heb. 13:16)
  • Praise through prayer (Heb. 13:15) This is a praise that is “continually” being offered to God which communicates the idea of a mindset of prayer and worship.
  • Devoting your whole life to Christ (Rom. 12:1).

The house church is given the mission of corporate worship. Some house churches worship in song and some just worship in prayer. The approach that a house church uses for corporate worship is up to each group.

When we worship through music and singing, the style used in each house church should reflect the culture and tastes of that individual group. If a particular house church represents a specific ethnic culture then they will be encouraged to worship in a way that is culturally relevant and expressive of who they are.