We believe that discipleship is man’s activity and involvement in the life of another person which moves him or her forward in his or her journey toward spiritual maturity.

We believe that all believers should be involved and growing in a disciplee/discipler relationship.

We believe that discipleship should happen intentionally.

Our goal in discipleship is not only to move people toward spiritual maturity but also to bring them to the point where they can disciple someone else and therefore reproduce themselves.


We believe that sanctification is God’s activity in moving a person toward spiritual maturity.

Sanctification will happen because of one’s union with Christ. Since justification by faith unites us to Christ who is our sanctifier, justification and sanctification cannot be separated. Sanctification is rooted, not in humanity and their achievement of holiness, but in what God has done in Christ, and for us in union with Him. Sanctification is therefore the consistent practical outworking of what it means to be a new creation and united with Christ.

Sanctification is not a mystical experience in which holiness is ours without effort. God sanctifies us by engaging our minds, wills, emotions and actions. We are involved in the process. That is why biblical teaching on sanctification appears in both the indicative (“I the Lord sanctify you”) and the imperative (“sanctify yourselves this day”).

(Ideas and quotes taken from Sinclair Ferguson in Christian Spirituality, pages 47-75)