Our Understanding of Church

We believe that the chief end and overall purpose of the church is to glorify God. It is called to be both missional and incarnational. To be a visible, tangible expression of the body of Christ in our neighborhoods, the city and the world. We believe that the church does this in two primary ways:

  1. By discipling, edifying and building up every individual member of the Body of Christ to spiritual maturity. The Church glorifies God by equipping every member for ministry.
  2. By the proclamation and demonstration of the gospel to the world. We believe this is the mission of the church.

Church Environment

We believe that the environment of the church should be one of grace and mercy. Our desire is to resist legalism in its many forms. This means that we will define spiritual maturity by its definition in Scripture and not by a cultural list of behavioral taboos.

Culture and Relevance

While maintaining a high commitment to teaching the essence and truth of the gospel in all its applications, we seek to demonstrate and teach that truth in a culturally relevant way.

We seek to understand the cultural background of the people we are ministering to, as well as search the Scriptures to answer the specific question that confront that culture.

We value being culturally relevant especially in the forms and style of each house church depending on its ethnic make-up.