Here at the Bridge Network, we practice House Church. And House Church necessitates EVERYONE participate. Church is not a service that is observed, but a gathering where we give and minister to each other.

I was recently convicted because I had been acting as a receiver during church—not a giver. During the week, I started to neglect praying for my brothers and sisters. I neglected to ask God how I could serve them and build them up. I started to keep my spiritual gifts to myself and not give them to Christ’s children. In this sense, I think that I was stealing from my church. Too strong of a word? Maybe. But hear me out.

If someone handed me a phone and said, “Could you give this to Kelly for me?” what kind of person would I be if I put that phone in a drawer and never gave it to her? Not good. My point is that God has given us all gifts, but they are not to be held back or hidden. God has entrusted us with these gifts to give to others on His behalf. That is, church is not about me; it is about worshiping God and encouraging fellow believers! If I feel like God wants me to share an encouraging word with someone, I should share it! If I feel like God wants me to bring a specific scripture or hymn to the body, I can and should bring it!

I am so thankful for the experience of House Church. It has shown me how easy it can be to slip into a position of receiver/taker, rather than servant/giver. When everyone comes together with this attitude (of being a giver), it is like nothing I have ever experienced. Everyone is ministered to, everyone is using their gifts, and Jesus gets all the glory, honor, and thanks.

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