Stealing in Church

Here at the Bridge Network, we practice House Church. And House Church necessitates EVERYONE participate. Church is not a service that is observed, but a gathering where we give and minister to each other. I was recently convicted because I had been acting as a receiver during church—not a giver. During the week, I started to neglect praying for my brothers and sisters. I neglected to ask God how I could serve them and build them up. I started to keep my spiritual gifts to myself and not give them to Christ’s children. In this . . . Read More »

Annual Bridge Network Retreat

Join us for our annual Bridge Network Retreat! This is a great time to get out of the city and connect with other house churches in the Network. We will enjoy several times of worship, teaching, outdoor activities and group games! Here are the details: Date: April 15-17th (Friday night-Sunday afternoon) Location: YMCA Camp Greenkill, Huguenot, NY Cost: Contact your HC leaders from Retreat prices Remember, Retreat money is due by Sunday, March 20th!