This is Church!?!

  “Where are the lights? The stage? Why aren’t we sitting in rows? How am I supposed to sing without the band? This is church!?!” Let me share a quick story about my experience of house church that I will cherish forever. Typically in our house church gatherings, we eat, talk, laugh, then devote some time to worship, the word, and prayer. In our meetings, the kids join us the whole time. Some groups do it differently, depending on the children’s age and other factors. But in our gatherings, the kiddos are involved from start to finish. . . . Read More »

Network Gathering–Sunday, Sept 20th

Network Gathering: Sunday, September 20th Please join us as we gather and worship together in the park! When: Sunday, September 20th at 10:30am Where:The Great Hill, Central Park What to bring: Yourself, your Bible, blanket/chair, and a packed lunch to enjoy after service (if you’d like to stay and mingle). What we’ll provide: Bagels and Coffee!